Selected Works

Being a branding and business consultancy, mainly advising companies on the C-level about brand strategy and digital transformation, Brand New World can showcase only those few projects which actually utilised visualisation as the end result of our branding process - such as design and advertising - as well as coverage from selected public events and exhibitions for example.

We do not publish details of our brand strategy and digital marketing work, and especially our tailor-made software and IT infrastructure developments, as it is private to our clients, but are happy to share selected case studies, in case of interest for a particular solution and where we have explicit permits by clients.

For good measure, we added a thorough overview of the stunning creative results from our Community members, such as SVI Design’s visual artistry, Tuna Fish’s amazing video work, Stojkov’s printing artefacts, Huge Media’s digital campaigns and Inbox’s software solutions. Remember, our first choice in advertising, design, TV commercials, digital marketing, software development and printing is always the ONE in its respective category of whom BNW is the biggest fan of, and wishes to recommend their work to all our clients who wish BNW to be the lead branding consultant in the process.