Mir Detstva - Kurnosiky

Kurnosiki is a value brand for baby and kids care, by Mir Detstva from Moscow, created by BNW to offer great value for money. Easily accessible and readily available in the majority of POS, Kurnosiki products are the best selling baby and kids products in Russia, with the highest market share. The brand mission is to help parents enter the new world of parentage at a low entry cost.

We personified the new brand essence ‘Hero’ through the development of a character that embodies all essential brand qualities and shows our complete brand persona. The aim of the Kurnosiki hero is to make the brand come alive and become more fun and accesible, and to further emphasize its stiking brand personality.

The logo icon is based on the brand name's first letter K. The K icon was treated by different graphic approaches that were inspired by key brand characteristics: optimism, energy and originality. This resulted in a new system of 18 different IDs. This system reflects the central point of everything we stand for. To get attention and convey the message we use striking red as primary color.