Brand New Capital

Brand New Capital is a Strategic Advisory with a Private Equity business model / Providing a robust stepping stone / To leverage entrepreneurs' intrinsic talents.

Brand New capital is meeting a new demand from entrepreneurs, investors and media who want to build the future. We enable responsible, real economy, early stage and middle market entrepreneurs, to reach their next plateau ambitions through world-class strategic branding, hard-nosed new markets development and best practice corporate governance.

Our clients are our partners, literally.

We only work with clients whose responsible philosophy is compatible with ours. We capitalize the majority of our fees into our clients’ equity and literally become partners. We continue monitoring, helping and advising during the development stage we have designed together. Our interests are aligned.

Entrepreneurs are leading from the front, sometimes ahead of their own companies. Brand New Capital ensures that through Strategic Branding and Marketing Execution, Best Practice Corporatization and Capital Structure Optimization, key members of the entrepreneurs’ team and their companies are able to follow them and to perform adequately and to deliver. And after we develop the company succesfully, we set the stage for a succesful Exit and safe Post Exit wealth management for our partners.

Team for the future

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Brand New Capital is the paradigm of Strategic Advisory innovation. Our core in-house financial team is carefully integrated with our core in-house branding and marketing teams, key for a value-added business development. Partnering with our client’s management, our team accelerates growth in todays fast evolving global marketplaces.

Brand New Capital is focusing on Switzerland. We are bridging middle markets entrepreneurs into deep Swiss markets and capital pools.

In a Brand New way.
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Brand New Capital Jovan Jelovac

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