North Pole Exploration

Brand New World is, true to our name, partnering with Icetramp / To support the noble quest for maritime expeditions / Research in polar regions and exotic, personal luxury adventure travel

The Ice Tramp owners and the crew have vast experience in the Arctic, having completed numerous scientific and private expeditions with Cape Race. Over the past decade Icetramp's clients included the NYU, Environment Canada, NASA/JPL, the U.S.NAVY UWC, UCI, many TV and film companies, as well as numerous private voyagers.

The rest is history: In 2006, the "Cape Race" was converted into an expedition and research vessel reminiscent of the glorious era of the tramp steamer. Originally designed to fish all year round in the world's most inhospitable sea areas, the vessel was designed to be used comfortably and safely from pole to pole, and thanks to the reinforced ice-strenghtened hull, it was also suitable for expeditions in Arctic waters.

From Spring 2020 a new era for the Project Ice Tramp beckons, with both new expedition ships finishing the most authentic, safety- and sustainability- driven restoration possible, becoming fully operational in our famous tramp steamer design.