Project Ice Tramp - The Cape Race Expedition Yacht

In 2006, the Cape Race was converted into an expedition and research vessel reminiscent of the glorious era of the tramp steamer by New York's legendary Ice Tramp team. Originally designed to fish all year round in the world's most inhospitable sea areas, the vessel was designed to be used comfortably and safely from pole to pole, and thanks to the reinforced ice strengthened hull, it was also suitable for expeditions in Arctic waters.

Ice Tramp's design of Cape Race’s lines evolved from the elegant forms of sailing dory fishing schooners of the North East, and steam/sail schooners of 1900's. Her interior today combines the highest 21st- century's safety standards, with the authenticity of the classic 19th-century North Sea fishing vessel. Icetramp worked hard to preserve the workboat atmosphere everybody loved so much, conveying its warmth and character, generated through her impressive life.

This allowed up to twelve guests to make tailor-made, safe trips to remote regions. The fishing trawler-turned-expedition yacht had a 7,000-mile cruising range, which made it powerful enough to reach the most remote areas of the Arctic.

When it was not being used for scientific expeditions and film projects, the vessel was rented out by deep-pocketed travelers with a hankering for adventure. On board amenities included a mahogany paneled saloon, a sauna, and an expansive front deck perfect for wildlife sightings and snapping photos of famous glaciers like Jakobshavn and Sermia.

Cape Race is a seaworthy expedition ship which was built in 1963, the heyday of Atlantic fishing, as the very first steel trawler in Canada. They were deployed in the fishing grounds of the North Atlantic and the Labrador Sea off Newfoundland and in the sea areas off their home port, first in Louisbourg and later in Lunenburg, both in Nova Scotia.

Cape Race has been redesigned to provide voluminous work and leisure outside spaces. The side decks are reminiscent of an cruise steamer, there is an aft dining deck under the mizzen mast and the foredeck is perfect for photo and film opportunities.

Cape Race has taken the values and ambitions driving the Brand New World Salon to the high seas in a typically bold and innovative way – expanding our clients’ horizons, stretching to the Arctic Circle, forging across the Atlantic, and exploring far beyond...

The ship charters to 12 guests on tailored voyages in remote regions, scientific expeditions, film projects, and creative and leadership brainstorming. The vessel is stocked with auxiliary equipment and experience to support variety of oceanographic research, as well as expedition voyages.

Accommodation aboard is spacious and handsome. There are four staterooms, with queen size beds, private head and shower, one large stateroom with two single and two double beds, two single cabins, a mahogany paneled saloon equipped with ship’s wood-stove and a piano, a mess room as well as extensive crew quarters in the aft of the vessel.