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The first and only monthly print city magazine for Zürich / A one-stop solution for living in Zurich / On- and Off-line.

ZERO is world famous for its art direction and its trademark unique, smart covers, as well as countless special project collaborations with leading brands, cultural institutions, artists, festivals… Since 1996 ZERO is the most read magazine for events and lifestyle in Italy. Since 2007 it is also the reference website for knowing where to go, what to do and with whom. Always free, always in town, on paper or on smartphones, always in your pocket, published today in Milano, Roma and Istanbul on paper in 20.000 copies, and additionally for Bologna, Veneto, Napoli, Torino and Firenze as app and website.

Making rounds at day, we go out in the evening, always out at night. Weekend never at home, holidays out of town. We drink, dance, eat, do. Let’s find ourselves on the internet, let’s go, let’s just love, ping, paw… the best of life. When drinking well was not even fashion, ZERO was already telling you where to do it. When to fly to a party you needed a flyer, ZERO had it. When contemporary art and design was re-invented, ZERO was present. Every hour of every day of every month ZERO sends out over a million people out of the house in Italy, of ages between 18 and 60. Wherever they are having fun, ZERO is there with them.

What is so special about it? Three simple but UNBELIEVABLE facts:

• Its UNBELIEVABLE functional and accessible – because its FREE, well distributed and fits in the pocket (105 x 150cm size), so you can carry it with you easily

• Its UNBELIEVABLE dependable and accurate – because it’s PASSIONATE about the curation of the BEST events in each city

• Its UNBELIEVABLE beautiful and modern – because it CARES about its own design and culture, collaborating with the MOST progressive events, people and ideas

ZEROZURI.CH is the premier ambassador of modern living, now thankfully present also in one of the most progressive cities in the world - Zürich.



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