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BNW published the first Zurich Edition of the world famous ZERO city magazine, covering the Calender from 1. – 30. September 2017. Like in Milan or Istanbul, Zero Zürich was distributed for free at 200 plus carefully selected locations in Zürich, as our first pilot issue. Since then, we are maintaining the web presence with our ZEROZURI.CH domain website, bringing daily latest curated event news to the citizen of the Greater Zurich Metropolis area of approximately 3 million people gravitating towards Zurich as their home airport.


The first Zürich print edition of the world famous ZERO city magazine, covering the Calender from 1. - 30. September 2017, distributed for free at 200 plus carefully selected locations in Zürich. ZERO is world famous for its art direction and its trademark unique, smart covers, as well as countless special project collaborations with leading brands, cultural institutions, artists, festivals… ZERO is the premier AMBASSADOR of MODERN LIVING, now thankfully present also in one of the most progressive countries in the world - Switzerland. As printed edition and as website.


Three simple but unique facts:

A) Its UNBELIEVABLE functional and accessible - because its FREE, well distributed and fits in the pocket (105 x 150cm size), so you can carry it with you easily

B) Its UNBELIEVABLE dependable and accurate - because it’s PASSIONATE about the curation of the BEST events in each city

C) Its UNBELIEVABLE beautiful and modern - because it CARES about its own design and culture, collaborating with the MOST progressive events, people and ideas

ZERO ZÜRICH is fun, social, cool - and totally digital in its DNA.


Get the city people out of their homes and into all KEY EVENTS, accurately, fun and good looking, in the same time promoting a contemporary, socially responsible and sustainable lifestyle and culture to the widest possible audience, characterised by CURIOSITY AND INTELLIGENCE and the ideals of SHARING, FAIRNESS and HAPPINESS.

And our little signature love for DESIGN THINKING (because, after all, we come from the world capital of design:). Design is more than the looks. Design is the method, the communication, the collaboration, the future. ZERO is world famous for its art direction and its trademark unique, smart covers, as well as countless special project collaborations with leading brands, cultural institutions, artists, festivals…


The most curious, active, interested, outgoing, smart, urban, consuming 21 - 51 year olds.

With the exception of Zürich - probably the wealthiest city in the world - where “the Fifties are the new Forties” for smart people who go out and consume culture, arts, design, music, parties and gastronomy, so that we have moved the target to 21 - 61, because of all the happy 50+ Porsche cabriolet drivers in Zürich:).

In general, as ZERO always portraits truly its city, ZERO ZÜRICH is probably a bit older and more selective than ZERO MILANO, which is probably more fun and adventurous... In short, we will probably have a longer dinner at a restaurant after a vernissage in Zürich, no matter if in the Löwenbräu Area or in Seefeld - and they will probably have a quick espresso or gelato between two vernissages in Milano - but its still and always the same CUTTING EDGE ZERO STYLE, featuring the best vernissages, and featuring the signatory DOLCE VITA of the city!


Good that you ask - probably EVERYTHING - but only the BEST! ZERO ZÜRICH is a true mirror of each city’s soul and monthly calendar, and the soul and monthly calendar of Zürich is CUTTING EDGE!

In any respect: THE BEST in arts, design, clubbing, architecture, modern concerts, classic music, theatre, talks, conferences, festivals, fairs, innovations, experimentation, walks, dances, courses - regardless if from Switzerland, Europe or the World, Zürich invites and shows ONLY THE BEST, punching far over its (inhabitants size-) weight. But we cover also EVERY OTHER event which deserves to be highlighted on the calendar by our curators’ sharp and trained eyes. Thats why we say that ZERO is PURE LOVE, because it mirrors the affection of countless visitors to all dates that ZERO arranges for them during a year! And just imagine during 20 years:)


The best brands and projects that want to reach this sensible and wide Zürich audience.

Examples: From CULTURE and SPORTS - announcements of concerts, open air festivals to art exhibitions and theatre plays; from FMCG brands - chocolates, coffee, shampoos, food and beverages, high street fashion; to LUXURY - watches, cars, top fashion; from CLASSIC SERVICES you need to get your life in shape such as banking, real estate and insurances; to GASTRONOMY - showcasing the Zürich clubs, bars and restaurants scene, INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES - premiering the latest technologies and developments; all the way to our SPECIAL RAPPORT with the most sophisticated young urbans who follow our NIGHTCLUBBING, digital developments, startups, design and architecture features... and our special care for FAIR, SHARING and NON-PROFIT SOCIAL PROJECTS.


We are ZÜRIBERG and SEEFELD, because ZERO features the best arts, architecture, good living and culture... We are ZÜRICH 4 and 5, because ZERO features the coolest nightlife, design and technological innovation, bars and concerts... We are BAHNHOF STRASSE and CITY CENTER, because ZERO features fashion, theatre, film, business conferences and dining... We are ENGE and ZÜRICH 3 because ZERO features espresso, cocktails, debates, talks, museums and education... We are EVERYTHING AROUND THE ZÜRISEE from here to Rapperswill and back around the lake, because ZERO loves the air full of ozone... We are SWISS ALPS and LAKES, of course, because that is where ZERO sends you to all weekends and holidays, preferably to a chalet with your own fireplace.


CUTTING EDGE, always on the move, always one step ahead to bring you the best program for the day, hand-picked and curated for you by the coolest Zürich specialists in their respective fields. ...the first and only monthly print city magazine for Zürich! ...a one-stop solution for LIVING IN ZÜRICH, on- and off-line. FREE of charge, easy to find in the best places around you, or just a click away at ZEROZURI.CH.


In PRINT, like the Milanese version, ZERO ZÜRICH is printed in 20.000 copies, 100 pages strong, fresh and new each 1. in the month. Each print copy is collected for FREE and kept for the full duration of the Calendar, and read by at least 2 - 3 more people in the same office, family, among friends and colleagues. Only carefully selected handpicked 200 addresses in town will feature ZERO ZÜRICH each 30 days anew. And in-between, if they are out of stock:)

We launched the first ever pilot edition on 1. September 2017, to coincide with the first ever DESIGN BIENALLE ZÜRICH, the FOOD ZÜRICH and the DIGITAL FESTIVAL ZÜRICH, to name just a few of the important festivals in September in Zürich.



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