IT Solutions

We are team of an experienced, motivated and passionate IT system architects, developers, specialist and managers who have only one goal / To create IT products and solutions that users will enjoy and love

With twenty years experience in providing professional IT solutions, Brand New World's IT Solution team cultivated and refined an own proprietary methodology to make sure the entire rollout process runs smoothly and with the highest quality outcome. During the development, our dedicated teams guide you through the process, giving you a complete overview of the projects’ flow. As no two projects are ever the same, we customize their engagement models to meet clients' specific needs.

Main characteristics of our framework are: Java based, modular architecture, API ready, websocket support, data binding, advanced form validation, support for multiple database engines (MySql, Oracle, MsSql, PostgreSql), scalability and security.

Our IT Solutions services include:

Java based framework for rapid development of web oriented business solutions like ERP solutions / High-complexity platforms / News portals / E-government portals / Complex e-commerce solution/ Tailored made IT solutions / Data centers set up and maintenance / Server set up and maintenance / Web design and development/ MacOS and Android application server set up / Cloud Computing etc.