Silent Revolutions

The Silent Revolutions exhibition was produced by the Museum of Architecture and Design from Ljubljana for Belgrade Design Week 2012. The contemporary Slovenian design scene has great potential, which is why it attracts international attention more and more. This is definitely the most important Slovenian exhibition since the country has obtained independence, and it consists of 25 selected works put in context of Slovenian historic product design, by renowned and established Slovenian designers.

The selected design exhibits embody the passion and obsession of individual artists in Slovenia, their drive, innovative development and high-quality production, ranging from the filigree turn-tables by Franc Kuzma and
 the seductive Black Cherry Lamps by designer Nika Zupanc, to Seaway’s Greenline 33 Hybrid, the world’s first large hybrid boat, and Trimo’s Qbiss One with ArtMe modular facade systems.

The exhibition also presents certain key productions from the country’s largest players in the industry, including Elan's revolutionary series of WaveFlex skis designed in cooperation with Gigodesign studio, Alpina's Racing Elite cross-country ski boots developed in cooperation with Jure Miklavc studio, and Gorenje's Simplicity home appliance line by Gorenje Design Studio.