Founded in Milan in 2003 by Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci, DIMORESTUDIO is a full-service, global architectural and design studio that spans residential, retail and hospitality interior design projects, as well as production of furniture, textile and lighting design. DIMORESTUDIO's design was presented at the BNW Salon in Zürich.

Moran, a North Carolina-born former graphic designer, and Salci, a former art director at Cappellini who was born in Arezzo, Tuscany, are a perfect fusion of talents. The story of their journey begins in Milan’s Brera district. The Via Solferino apartment, now unified with a second one, is the location for their 35 person office and for DIMOREGALLERY, which features a rotating installation of the pair’s latest work, as well as a platform for masters of design, artists and young designers championed by the duo.

BRAND NEW WORLD SALON presents the Swiss premiere of DIMORESTUDIO, Milano, Italy:

We have decided to inaugurate a new world for contemporary design in Zurich with the world-famous Milanese DIMORESTUDIO - so to speak as hot “bacio” from the capital of the design to Zurich - with their Swiss premiere on the eve of the first Zurich Design Biennial, which opens on 7. September 2017. What a nice Biennale start for all design lovers in Zurich!

The Design Biennale is very important for Zurich, the ZHdK and the Museum for Design create new milestones for design in Zurich every day, and the Art Basel and the Design / Miami exhibition, which are close by and influential enough, have established the concept of "Collectible Design" firmly in Switzerland.

Zurich actually lives design in its new quarters, characterized by a new, remarkable, multicultural and innovative creative class, so juxtaposed with the traditionally sophisticated and highly educated art and architecture audience in Zurich, we thought it was just about time to open the first permanent international gallery devoted exclusively to contemporary design in the city.

Within the scope of the "Make Love / Not Work!" programs, the world champions of design - from Milan to London, New York, Miami, LA, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona, Tel Aviv and Rio, and of course the whole of Switzerland, will meet in our petite Brand New World Salon in Seefeld.


Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci of DIMORESTUDIO create a vibrant setting for the newly opened Brand New World Salon in Zürich. A rich palette, luxurious fabrics, glossy and mirrored surfaces, bronze and brass finishes, evocative of their ebullient creative energy, are employed to define the space of the gallery.

The 40 square metre Salon is furnished with the latest and most iconic pieces designed by DIMORESTUDIO, part of the Progetto Non Finito and Progetto Tessuti collections. Launched at Salone 2017, Poltrona 101 with its sleek metallic structure and richly textured cushion, Tavolo Basso 116 with its mirrored surface, Lampada 108, reminiscent of Asian lanterns with a lampshade in painted silk, Armadio 099 in mahogany with poly-lacquered finish and mirrored base, handles and decoration, a richly draped curtain in linen depicting a crowd of people, and cushions portraying female figures are all part of the special set up.

Also featured are Divano 010 with its oxidised brass structure and ribbon like legs, Applique 107 with its brass structure and decorated mirror lampshade, Coprivasi 095 in metal, and the bold monochrome Tappeto 004 in wool.

"We wanted the set up to reflect our aesthetics and style, and to share it with the art and design savvy and discerning public in Zürich", said Britt Moran and Emiliano Salci.


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