Studio Drift

For Studio drift the innovation process in design enfolds within itself the wonderful ability to take apart a cultural syntagm as an object, to reduce it to its elements, examine it, change the weight of its parts and components, and re-assemble it so that it would move the trajectory of the world ahead on the evolutionary, professional axis.

Studio Drift was founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, both graduates of the world famous Design Academy Eindhoven. Their goal is to create a dialogue between nature and technology, creating a new synergy.

Studio Drift explores the relationship between nature, technology and mankind. Their working process involves continuing collaborations with scientists, university departments, research facilities, programmers and engineers; the results are truly innovative and ground-breaking projects – a testament to the cross-pollination between the technically advanced, the aesthetically beautiful and awareness of future potentials. Their oeuvre includes dazzling site-specific installations that react directly to human behavior, questioning it at the same time. While the visual language of Studio Drift is characterized by dreamy and poetic aesthetics, the concept behind their works is often based on an unexpectedly critical engagement.

The topic of the exhibition DESIGN 2.0 thinking is laying on the hand: The world has changed, and as we speak the most exciting new stuff is being presented by a completely new wave of designers who are not only creatives, but in the same time makers, producers, entrepreneurs, distributers, own representatives and gallerists…

– At Brand New World in Milan we have presented Nola, together with Buhtiq31. Nola is a landscape of light captured in glass bells. By combining pastel tinted glass with programmable red, green, blue and white led’s, Studio Drift establishes a unique colour palette for the new Dutch design label Buhtiq 31, said Nauta.

Studio Drift is by far most famous for its Obsidian Project, a highly polished and reflective black, organically formed mirror made from synthetic obsidian, and Dandelight, a little light made from a real dandelion.

– We’re also very proud on our new Shylight installation in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. Furthermore we’re proud to present two projects at Glasstress in Venice this year. We’ll be presenting Obsidian and a new glass project. We have been awarded several times for our creations, such as ‘The best piece of Arte Laguna’ for our Flylight during the Arsenale in Venice. Most recently, together with a creative team, we have won a pitch to create one of the largest interactive permanent light installation in the world on Switzerland’s most important landmark; the Kapellbrücke in Lucerne, concluded Nauta.

 Studio Drift presented their new project Nola in Milan from April 14 – 19th, as one of the eight key international studios who epitomize the new concept of Designers – Makers – Entrepreneurs, rethinking the entire business and creative model of design. Drift’s exhibition is part of BRAND NEW WORLD MILANO 2015 @ DUSAN, curated and produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac. As a part of the Milan 2015 FouriSaloni program, Brand New World shows a pure DESIGN 2.0 philosophy, unthinkable of only a few years ago. The concept is staged in arguably one of the most elegant design showrooms in the city – DUSAN, Via Antonio Zarotto 1, powered by LAUFEN.

Watch video lecture by Studio Drift:

Ralph Nauta & Lonneke Gordijn / Studio Drift (NL) @BDW 2014 from Brand New World on Vimeo.