Hidden Sound System

HIDDEN DML technology loudspeakers are superior to classical loudspeakers / HIDDEN has developed the DML technology to a cutting edge of sound quality and implementation level that never existed before / Driven by the spirit of innovation and passion of its founders/inventors/designers.

• Superior, much wider and more uniform coverage of the audience – everybody can hear the same top-quality sound, no matter where they are inside of concert hall, airport, hotel lobby, church: everybody in space will finally hear exactly the same sound;

• Enormous increase of speech intelligibility in acoustically problematic spaces (airports, public spaces, sport arenas, churches etc.) – example: you finally will be able to hear what that lady in the airport sound system has to say to you, no matter where you are;

• DML technology based loudspeakers are the first truly omnidirectional sound sources across a full frequency range, that produces high homogeneity of the sound field and the same top-quality sound everywhere and for everybody;

• DML technology is superior in decreasing always existing problems when it comes to classical loudspeakers' reproduction in closed spaces, with room modes and resonant frequencies, meaning that great results in covering the audience can be achieved without heavy and expensive acoustic /interior design treatment.

• Margins for always unpleasant microphone feedback noises are much, much higher – with this system you can produce feedback only if you really want and try to! With classical cone-membrane loudspeakers feedback is always lurking, causing real-life problems in sound system design and implementation.

• DML loudspeakers can be completely incorporated/invisible in interior designs – no more heavy, huge and ugly speaker cabinets in your precious interior – every interior designer dream is finally fulfilled! Literally every surface of the interior, such as a wall, a painting, a suspended ceiling, a piece of furniture... can be used to become a high-quality DML type sound source.

• And finally, last but not least, our absolutely unbeatable superior cost/quality rate;

Igor Radojevic Igor Radojevic

Hidden Sound System Founder and Principal Igor Radojevic