House of Ima - Luxury Cashmere Fashion

BNW was commissioned to create the logo, identity and website design for a fashion start-up producing sweaters and cardigans made of the heaviest, softest and fluffiest cashmere on Earth. House of Ima sweaters and cardigans are more avant-garde wearable wool sculptures than another fashion design, with a strong social mission next to its amazing art and craft.

BNW decided to use a monogram as identity base. A monogram is more than logo design - it‘s the simplest and most memorable visualisation a brand can have. The House of Ima monogram reflects its vision's balance, rhythm and signature.

Each sweater and cardigan is made using approximately 1 kg of the finest cashmere using the hair of 12 goats. The custom yarn that is spinned in a small mill in Italy takes 1,5 years to produce, including the time it takes for the goats to grow their wool in Mongolia. Their hair is cut in alignment with the season, after spring when they no longer need it to keep warm. The garments are ethically made at every step.

BNW deveopled a subdued but elegant and luxurious narrative with only a few outstanding keywords: magic, Mongolia, handmade, hair of 12 goats, minimal, disruption, made to measure, by appointment only and London.

Jovan Jelovac

Brand New Capital Jovan Jelovac

Vesna Jelovac

Brand New Capital Vesna Jelovac