Davidoff - What Is In Your Bag

BNW was invited to rebrand and develop a new worldwide ATL and BTL platform for Davidoff Super Slim Line cigarettes. It was the first Davidoff cigarettes product strictly targeting the female population. We developed a whole new why and how: A golden modern floral pattern, which targets the cosmopolitan, independent, modern fashionista, placing an intimate, personal consumer's sharing experience in the front row illustrated by the social media campaign #whatsinyourbag.

BNW decided to match the global expectations of our contemporary female audience, built on Davidoff cigarettes association with design and contemporary luxury. We launched the global paltform in Italy, and developed it to take over the world market per market, in an all encompassing social media campaign with the invitational "What's in your bag" hashtag.

For the new comprehesnive global launch platform, BNW developed a sophicticed tool kit with strong social media impetus, covering all POS and Horeca channel needs - breakthrough ideas that will not go unnoticed, and yet simple enough for all markets to execute.

For inspiration, we transformed Davidoff cigarettes brand values into a modern way of communicating with the dessignated target audience. The “What’s in your bag?” platform takes that special step further in sophistication and luxury, profiting from direct contact with consumers, innovative content and routes of communication.