Davidoff Cigarettes Destination:Design - Italian Launch Campaign

Based on the global Davidoff Cigarettes rejuvenation branding program, BNW created an integrated on-line and off-line, ATL and BTL advertising and digital marketing concept, modular and accessible, beyond the usual industry standard brand-mechanics. This platform was launched in Italy. and successfully made available for worldwide local markets to implement, and premium life-style media to fully exploit.

Searching for a suitable partnership to emphasize the new ownership of design by Davidoff Cigarettes, we proposed a joint venture with Design Hotels™, a global group of hotels unique by its design and philosophy. With the Design Hotels™ content, we own an easily understandable and mass-appealing “DESIGN” topic ahead of all global tobacco competition.

BNW created the global brand experience platform DESTINATION:DESIGN, presented in the global BRAND MANUAL, the company’s essential tool for the Marketing Directors/Brand Managers worldwide to understand the strategy and communication that form the new integrated Davidoff Cigarettes Rejuvenation Program. The Brand Manual and the 5 platforms, all developed by our agency, are being used by all Davidoff Cigarettes markets worldwide and have helped position Davidoff Cigarettes as the top global luxury tobacco brand.

Our agency created an on-line and off-line global brand experience platform with a simple prize draw mechanism, featuring a unique content with luxury prizes on the main topic – DESIGN.

The DESTINATION:DESIGN™ platform is focused on immersing the Davidoff cigarettes consumers in the aspirational luxury world of Design Hotels™ – a natural extension to their design-savvy lifestyle. This is a proposition of becoming a design expert in 4 days, based on four experience premises: self-education, local-upon-arrival, individualism and personalization.

Along with uniquely designed prize travel itineraries, the platform offers a full range of all ATL and BTL support material. As an integrated brand experience concept, DESTINATION:DESIGN™ has already been further implemented in Davidoff Cigarettes Global Duty Free promotion, new DESIGN:HOTSPOTS limited edition packs etc...