Davidoff Cigarettes Slim Line Flavors Redesign

Slim line cigarettes traditionally target female consumers. BNW was commissioned to to diversify the Davidoff Cigarettes Slim Line offer, by introducing aromatic or flavored propositions, and translate them into powerful new packaging design, while remaining with the current overall recognizable product color coding.

BNW's strategy was to make the Davidoff Cigarettes Slim Line even more attractive, with bolder and more prominent propositions and formulations of the product itself, where the flavour was the logical direction next to brand communication.

The world's most popular flavours are vanilla and cinnamon, so BNW decided to use simple product naming such as DAVIDOFF LIGHTS VANILLA and DAVIDOFF LIGHTS CINNAMON. The on-pack communication tone was describing the benefits and enjoyment of the beloved and trusted cigarettes brand, now with added taste of vanilla, carefully mixed to achieve ultimate pleasure.