Events & Exhibitions

What makes or breaks an event experience is having a deep understanding of the community you’re creating / And being intentional about it / Because you are creating a community.

Brand New World has successfully forged intercultural and business connections between the global design scene, the regional creative industries and the many cities we operate in. With its concept BNW renews, within a contemporary context, the tradition of grand international festivals of culture. recognizing the global lack of creative industries’ presentations, and adding in that process many new places to the global design map. It is in pursuit of this goal that Brand New World accomplishes its mission by gathering global leaders in the fields of architecture, design, branding, advertising, culture, publishing, media and communications at its famous international conferences, followed by satellite programs such as creative workshops, master-classes, exhibitions and promotions.

We at Brand New World try to provide the framework, the inspiration only, and let everything flow from thereon as organic, as spontaneous as possible. Namely, after leaving behind all logistical, technical, financial and similar aspects, the whole know-how revolves around the chemistry of the event – is everyone getting the proverbial buzz from the excitement or not… Like with a good movie: expensive effects, animation or camera stay in the shadow of the that special feeling weather you follow a film breathless from beginning to end, swallowing scene after scene as soon as the lights go off. For this feat only the STORY bares responsibility; the good old story and the mastercraft of the story’s guide – the director.

That’s more or less the situation with us: something inexplicable happens each year, and then the whole world talks again with excitement about Brand New World experiences.