GenDream - MedGen Collection

BNW created the entire branding, including naming of each single product, narrative, packaging design and technology for GenDream's MedGen Collection products. The MedGen Collection is characterized by a more health-oriented communications approach, compared to all other collections.

The MedGen Collection illustrations are understated and structured in such a way that they create a visual resonance with GenDream's Generic products. As opposed to the NextGen Collection and the MyGen Collection packaging design, MedGen packs contain blisters inside a more traditional pharmaceutical-size shaped box, thus clearly underlining the healthcare offer of this collection within the whole GenDream nutritional supplements range. 

The premium illustrations and design used on the boxes are no longer depicting abstract metaphors of the product name and function, but still packing a strong punch of style and disruption into the standard category shelf for nutritional supplements in pharmacies, and especially in web-sales or electronic and web presentations.

The MedGen Collection is the visual and conceptual link from GenDream's nutritional supplements range to the GenDream Generics range. The ART language of the generics range, with its signature Rothkoesque sfumato, is juxtaposed with the nutritional supplement’s own POP ART style, characterised with strong graphic dots and stripes, and primary geometrical shapes. 

Specific changes and amendments to the NextGen Collection and MyGen Collection cardboard pack design have been made, such as chart positions of certain information blocks on different side panels, while maintaining the uniform look and overall shelf appearance. The orientation is still strongly vertical, which is the ultimate shelf impact goal. 

The identity of MedGen Collection products successfully replicates the unique brand message and design from other collections’ cardboard boxes and bottle labels.