Davor Krvavac / AKQA

Simple Ideas, Executed Brilliantly, Win Every Time

Davor Krvavac presented his work at Belgrade Design Week

Branding magazine, August 2013

By Dorian Cioban

In a world of endless creativity it’s often thought that really good ideas get slashed because they cannot be materialized, creating room for compromises which rarely result in a noteworthy creations. Furthermore, in that same world, time is in ethernal conflict with creativity, punishing artists through deadlines. Yet, some of these punishments like nike’s swoosh logo end up being one of the world’s most recognized symbols.

AKQA’s work clearly shows a distinct, refined and serious approach to clients. Can you explain the most powerful idea that separates AKQA from other agencies?

Innovation is at the core of all we do. Itisoneofour founding values and has held us in good stead over the years. This uncompromising focus on innovation and our obsession with quality are what differentiates AKQA from other agencies. Although not always the easiest path to take, it is certainly the most rewarding –
both for us as creative and technology professionals and for our audience.

Given the fact that branding and advertising are often very closely associated when it comes to campaigning, how would brands need to shape or adapt their identity in order to make the most out of it?

Our basic approach has stayed the same through the years: take a position and have a clear point of view. The medium has certainly changed – a much closer connection with the consumer is now possible through digital. Brands that understand what they stand for, and are able to communicate this clearly and consistently will prevail in this more immediate landscape.

Global advertising trends are now prospering more than ever, allowing agencies to be very creative with the digital counterparts of brand campaigns. do you think traditional media will still play an important role in the future of advertising?

We need to redefine what we mean by ‘traditional’. If we’re talking about the medium itself, then Digital is already replacing traditional media in every sense. People nowadays increasingly access traditional types of content throughout their digital devices like news publications, TV programs and so on. However, if we reframe the question and talk about the traditional approach, by which I mean telling a story, then I believe “Storytelling” is as relevant today as it has ever been. Perhaps even more so, because Digital gives us incredible opportunities to create personalized experiences: to address a consumer’s individual needs. Be it a simple tactical drop in social, or a multi-platform engagement experience, there will always be a role for beautiful storytelling.

How would you describe the contemporary balance between design, art and technology for brands? do you believe that one element has more potential to effectuate global change than others?

I think they are intrinsically interconnected, but technology has brought the most dynamic changes. Looking back at the last ten years, it has made an unprecedented impact on our lives. Can you imagine life before mobile maps and GPS? Ideas are where it all starts, but technology has accelerated the impact of those ideas beyond our wildest dreams.

What advices can you give to upcoming designers and creative individuals who aspire to work in globally recognized creative agencies?

My advice is to observe people, note their behavior. Be curious about the world around you. And ask yourself how you (or the brand you’re working for) can create genuine value for your audience.

How can you remove the frictions people encounter in their everyday lives? How can you inspire or enable them?

That’s the beauty of the connected world we live in: we can create much more rewarding experiences for the consumer, and we should aspire to do so on every brief. And finally, keep it simple. Simple ideas, executed brilliantly, win every time.

Name your top five favorite digital resources that you use for inspiration and a ‘creative refresh’.

Vine, Pinterest, Butdoesitfloat.com, Instagram, Designinspiration.net