About Us

What we offer: A Brand New World. An innovative technology for creating, leveraging and managing your brand, based on Design Thinking. Because brands today no longer compete with other brands. They compete with the future.

Why we do it: Because Design Thinking will bring us a Brand New World. Which is why next to our our branding work we produce and promote some of the finest Design Events, Exhibitions and Education Programs around the world. And explore the North Pole for a sustainable future of our planet.

Brand New World was founded by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, a power couple working in equal measures as global brand consultants, Zürich gallerists, design curators, promoters and educators of Design Thinking, urban reformers, publishers, filmmakers and North Pole explorers. The new agency’s paradigm shift was threading lightly but moving fast into the digital territory, cleverly combining the immense global knowledge and reach of their branding network, with the competitive advantages of an amazing nascent digital marketing and software development business back in Belgrade, Serbia.

Their family business model has proven successful again – with Vesna Jelovac responsible for the digital and Jovan Jelovac for the branding side of the business. The combined branding, design, digital marketing and software development agencies employ around 100 cutting edge seasoned professionals, some of them with 20 plus years loyalty to the firm, some of them from latest blockchain coding universities de rigour. Together as partners, they are offering an almost unbeatable proposition balance between artistry, creativity, personal responsibility and knowledge, ready to take on the most sophisticated clients worldwide regardless of size, designing and developing tailor-made strategies for them, producing magic that results from combining design thinking, business acumen and the possibilities of new technologies.

Often invited to perform their branding and digital wonders to many global start ups, especially in the technology sector, in 2017 Vesna and Jovan Jelovac became partners in the New York and Zürich based blockchain startup, aptly named RACE-CAP, in a nod to its heroic mission of exploring new digital payment opportunities for our modern society, equaling the heroic mission of CAPE RACE’s North Pole adventure.

Operating from Zürich, Switzerland, with a core back office in Belgrade, Serbia, Brand New World is a global Consigliere like no other, whether you are an entrepreneur, inventor, politician, developer, mover or shaker, regardless if you’re in Milan, Miami, Moscow or Melbourne.

Welcome to your own BRAND NEW WORLD!


Jovan Jelovac Jovan Jelovac

BNW's Partner and Creative Director Jovan Jelovac

Vesna Jelovac

BNW's Partner and Client Director Vesna Jelovac

Biljana Bilakovic

Creative Director and Art Buyer Biljana Bilakovic

Milan Dragic

Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director Milan Dragic

Tim Braithwaite

BNW's Story Director Tim Braithwaite

Filip Filipovic

IT Manager and Technology Lead Filip Filipovic

Desanka Belancic

Digital Content Lead Desanka Belancic

Lena Svilicic

BNW's Project Manager Lena Svilicic

Natasa Kraljevic

BNW's Project Manager Natasa Kraljevic