A point of view is an attitude – how one sees or thinks: a specified or stated manner of consideration, as in "my personal point of view". In this meaning, the usage is synonymous with one of the meanings of the term perspective.

One topic of central concern is the relation between the modalities of assertion and belief, perhaps with intention thrown in for good measure. For example, we frequently find ourselves faced with the question of whether or not a person's assertions conform to his or her beliefs. Discrepancies here can occur for many reasons, but when the departure of assertion from belief is intentional, we usually call that a lie.

Other comparisons of multiple modalities that frequently arise are the relationships between belief and knowledge and the discrepancies that occur among observations, expectations, and intentions. Deviations of observations from expectations are commonly perceived as surprises, phenomena that call for explanations to reduce the shock of amazement.

Welcome to your own Brand New World of surprises and explanations (and not so many lies), which will hopefully leave you in shock of amazement how powerful and useful Branding is as a tool to render your business more efficent, and Design Thinking as a point of view to change the world to become a better place!