When we talk about art, branding, design, architecture, urbanism, advertising and creation in general, what we are doing is not a continuation of the free and fantastic stories which humans have told nights around campfires for hundreds of thousands of years.

The confusion between these two diverse human activities - inventing stories and following traces in order to find something - is the origin of the incomprehension and distrust of design thinking shown by a significant part of contemporary businesses. The separation is a subtle one: the antelope hunted by dawn is not far removed from the antelope deity in that night’s storytelling. The border is porous. Myths nourish knowledge, and knowledge nourishes myth. But the value of knowledge remains. If we find the antelope we can eat. Our knowledge consequently reflects the world.

Our storytelling tool is “Branding” and our knowledge system is “Design Thinking”. Welcome to our Brand New World of selected works, creative minds, insights and news!