Pink Panthers

Pink Panthers LOVE DIAMONDS - The most famous gentlemen-thieves in the world - "Pink Panthers" - pick the creme-de-la-creme of the global jet set who congregate at a charity auction, as one final target before retiring.


As result, it seems that our heroes are missing the good old fashioned drama, they are used to. Then a world famous philosopher, angry because of budget cuts to his summer school of philosophy, obtains information about an upcoming charity auction, at which the global elite will compete in money (and vanity). The philosopher tips the event to the "Pink Panthers". Suddenly, the famous robbers transform themselves into revengers of the robbed and impoverished. They accept their new righteous role in an easygoing manner, but the situation turns serious when a certain police Inspector enters stage, which they know well from the Balkan wars. He is a man who leaves a bloody trail behind him. Interpol commissions this Inspector to arrest and dismantle the entire "Pink Panthers" gang. The thieves owe him a lot from the past, so the job of catching them carries added value for the Inspector.

Who will end up in possession of the shiny diamonds, after exiting chases and shootouts all over the world? Will the beauties remain indifferent? Who votes for a happy end - please lift a hand.
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