Istra Swings

A Woody Allen impersonator directing a swinging comedy in Europe's most beautiful countryside

Luka hires Woody Allen to direct a romantic comedy set in Istria due to the help of dubious film producer. Local mayor insists on preventing sexual immorality and arresting swingers. Luka is infuriated and makes a desperate step - kidnapping Woody Allen - but no one has an interest in publishing news about kidnapping.

Kidnapped Woody spends days in the old house, enjoying local wines and dishes. Luka continues directing the film according to Woody Allen’s guidelines. In the meanwhile, Woody admits he is not real Woody Alen. He is, in fact, an amateur actor and regional winner in imitations. 

A Woody Allen impersonator and Luka, with the help of the beautiful actress, direct a happy end with wild swingers.

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