GenDream MyGen Collection

BNW was commissioned to design GenDream’s MyGen Collection products. They are lifestyle oriented and reflect your inner and outer wellbeing, optimism and balance. MyGen Collection imagery presents the next step in GenDream’s lifestyle offer - more accessible, less pretentious than the NextGen Collection, but still clearly distinguishable from the standard focus of nutritional healthcare supplements.

As opposed to NextGen Collection packs, MyGen Collection packs are significantly smaller, and although the illustrations and design used on them is kept in the same style, the disruption effect is smaller, due to smaller stand out factor on the shelf. The MyGen Collection products are packaged in premium cardboard boxes, with our signatory frosted bottle inside. With this strategy, MyGen Collection packs still clearly communicate lifestyle and differ from competitor’s nutritional supplement products, while leaving the place of the superstar in the whole GenDream range to the NextGen Collection. 

MyGen Collection packs are designed to take a prominent vertical position on any nutritional supplements category shelf, let alone the specially designed GenDream’s own POS elements. The overall uniform identity of MyGen Collection products communicates clearly the second most progressive language of all four GenDream Collections after the NextGen Collection, complete with its bold usage of primary colors and pop-art graphics and shapes.

Where the NextGen Collection illustrations follow more literal metaphors of associating with the product’s functions and names, the MyGen Collection products’ illustrations appear more abstract and geometrical, forming a sort of slow transition towards the more healthcare oriented collections.

The illustrations on the cardboard box are repeated on the bottle labels, ensuring the same premium effect of the product on the consumer, once unpacked from the box.


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