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Individualized addressing is made possible by data that is able to convey a clearer picture of a person’s needs and preferences than conventional target group models / Despite all the technological fascination, it should not be forgotten:

In a world of fear, fast culture, ultra consumption, we believe people are craving for meaning. A campaign touches people’s hearts when we dare to approach a broader topic behind the ad. This approach helps us strike, but also brings meaning to our job.

We offer following digital marketing services:

• Core Brand Digital Examination and Consulting

Our general digital examination is the equivalent of a doctor’s general examination of a human body and mind, except that we examine the general state of your digital marketing activities.

Similarly, we perform a complex digital anamnesis and digital clinical analysis, so that we obtain and analyse both subjective information and gather and analyse your concrete data.

Our initial consultation includes a report outlining key necessary steps to improve the present digital state, along with recommendations for other consulting and marketing teams executing their own respective plans.

• Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy development is a complex and detailed process, with a complete analysis of all necessary resources and elements influencing successful marketing activities, defining goals, strategizing and finally planning and preparing for the execution of the strategy.

Strategy is an intangible string connecting all the dots in the campaign or a project, that will lead the whole team and everyone involved on the same path to delivering your mission, giving all a sense of purpose. However intangible, the strategy has to be based on concrete, specific things - goals.

• Advertising media buying and planning with campaign management

Advertising media buying and planning with campaign management is part of our digital marketing efforts comprised of buying the so called paid media inventory, such as search advertising, display advertising, video advertising and similar, building brand and or product awareness, driving traffic based on surfing and search interests, demographics, as well as through re-targeting.

Strategy should be defined on a higher level of marketing planning and campaigns should comfort to that accepted strategy. Each campaign, however, must have its own tactics to maximize available resources. The exception to the main strategy should be test campaigns, used for research & development purposes. Each campaign must help build the client’s marketing knowledge base and marketing principles to help improve all future campaigns.

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