Tuna Fish

Tuna Fish is our production partner for everything that walks, runs, flies or dances in moving pictures / Based in Belgrade, with branches in Serbia and Montenegro, established in 2005 / Kosta Glusica and Ivana Antic are BNW’s dream team, our own Hollywood and Cinecitta combined.

A collaborative approach and down to earth production style allow Tuna Fish Studios to refine creative ideas and produce innovative work with wide commercial appeal. A strong creative cross-pollination between their Advertising and Film departments inform Tuna Fish Studios’ mission to bring a fresh perspective and passion in all their projects. That is felt in their stories as well as on their sets.

Thanks to Tuna Fish Studios’ branches in Serbia and Montenegro, they are able to fully service any European or overseas agency or production company. International productions benefit immensely by the endless advantage that the up-and-coming film industry in Serbia has to offer, including a wide variety of locations across former Yugoslavia.

Whatever the size of a project Tuna Fish Studios’ team offers an enjoyable experience with attention to detail in all aspects of the job.