The Stamped

FORBIDDEN LOVE FROM 30'S BERLIN TO THE RUSSIAN FRONT. Amidst the cacophony of Weimar-Berlin, two lovers challenge freedoms and traditions. This road will lead them from the cabaret via the concentration camp, all the way to the frozen Russian front.

As the persecution of homosexuals is unabating, Georg gets the pink triangle sewn onto his jacket's lapel. The young man is far too feeble to resist the malaise of developments. Just like the shining City, he himself collapses in front of the charging naked power. In the meantime, Sven is progressing in his military career, incapable of helping Georg. Starting victories turn into defeats on the Eastern front. By order of the frustrated command, everyone is obliged to participate in this disaster. A unit of gay concentration camp prisoners is trained hastily, and sent off to the slaughterhouse. Former musicians, dancers and actors are facing the advancing Soviet troops. Amidst the chaos of war, the officer Sven meets his lover Georg again. Only on the Russian front, besieged by ice, shall the two lovers find peace.

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