Strong brands are built on big ideas and succeed through insightful engagement / They are powerful, yet fragile things / The best seem easy and effortless, yet are difficult to achieve / They demand relentless focus, and ruthless efficiency.

We uncover brand truths combined with human insights and amplify them at scale to earn a place in people’s hearts. With analytical skills, empathy, imagination and, most crucially, collaborative. Skills that don’t always sit together, but we have honed from long experience, combining design thinking, business acumen and the possibilities of new technologies. Driving fame, saliency and penetration to mass audiences.

Famously iconic brands do not make themselves.

But in amongst the current obsession with clicks and impressions, brand-building and long-term brand health has been neglected. This theme is not as simplistic as performance marketing vs. creativity but it does throw up some important questions: primarily, what essence has been lost whilst the focus has been more squarely on immediate ROI?

The evidence shows that for creativity to really pay, there needs to be commitment. And patience. Getting back to brand is about focusing on building brand equity and growing brand affinity with customers. It’s not about short-lived stunts: it’s about real, hard graft.

It’s about understanding what brand assets and emotional connections are integral to long-term relationship building and memory making, so that you stay front-of-mind. It’s about celebrating long-term wins and having the confidence to convince the business that brand health matters.