BECO Real Estate - by Zaha Hadid Architects & Lamda Development

The multi-functional complex on the site of the former BEKO textile factory in Belgrade is one of the defining new real estate development projects in Serbia, planned as 94,000 square meters overground, comprising of residential and commercial units, office space, and a five-star hotel. The avant-garde complex puts Belgrade firmly on the world map of contemporary architecture, considering that one of the most famous global architects, Zaha Hadid, is its author. BNW introduced Zaha Hadid Architects to the investors, and then created the entire branding for this prestigious project, including naming, design and handling of public relations and investors' relations with key stakeholders for the developer, Lamda Development.

One of our specific objectives was the project's positioning and raising its level of recognition. We carefully presented Lamda Development to the Serbian audience as a solid, reputable global company, operating by the best business standards, and Zaha Hadid’s project as excellent return to Belgrade’s own interwar modernist traditions, respectful to the environment.

In the next phase of the project, we were engaged to design a luxury investor brochure for the most prominent global real estate trade shows, fairs, exhibitions and conferences.

The goal was to own an authentic and highly recognizable style for BECO. We put an emphasis on the new narrative concept with stunning design and innovative architecture features, with Zaha's bold personality as centerpiece.

BNW introduced a strategy of partnerships and a two-way communication between Lamda Development and key public stakeholders in the city of Belgarde and nationwide. We created a serious space for a better recognition of the role of Lamda Development and its significance in the development of the Serbian economy, so that its activities became comprehensible and accessible to all targeted audiences.