Inteco Parks Concept

The entire Inteco development business was based on two key concepts: Inteco _parks and Inteco_dom. BNW created this brand architecture structure in order to finally define the corporate communication, its vision and mission, which before was all dealt with under the formal "construction" umbrella of the mega-corporation. The Inteco Parks concept, with its democratization of high-end real-estate, was arguably the by far most advanced, well-understood and accepted offer on the Moscow real-estate market by the target audiences. Inteco sold 90% of all developments off the plan supported by this branding break-through.

The Inteco_parks concept combines all necessary ingredients for comfortable residential and business activities, leisure time and inspirational focuses such as culture, shopping, HoReCa... The company's lifestyle idea of “Fusion Living” has been developed ticking all boxes in high-end Russian real estate expectations, through a marketable, brand new platform.

Inteco_parks embody multifunctional complexes, timeless and innovative contemporary architecture, cultural, retail, social and environmental focuses - to put it simply - a new definition of premium living. Each project was a unique masterpiece - Fusion Park, New Tone Park, Champion Park, Cosmo Park, Aero Park, Moscow Park, Orange Park and the Trinity Tower. Within this new strategic and communication concept established, the same unique graphical approach and recognizable structural form of all Inteco Park projects have been developed. BNW's Inteco_parks’ branding represents the graphically simplified and stylishly visualized vignettes of the project’s true identities.

Fusion Park brand values were being transferred through to the customers across a variety of media. For maximum impact, BNW's nationwide sales campaign for Inteco real estste projects aleays featured tree phases – launching, raising awareness and sustaining the consumer's interest.

In the first phase, we introduced the marriage of the Inteco and Fusion Park brands, through usage of modern technology and contemporary design, resulting in convenient, luxurious living. The brand is a lifestyle experience that combines elements of convenience and innovation, always underlining the rich Russian architectural tradition and responsibility to the community. The Fusion Park concept presents the message of „Constant innovation“, meaning that Inteco's Fusion Park offers the best combination of the builder's and developer's expertise with an enhanced quality of life.

In the second phase, the minimalist design delivered an image with impact, and immediately showed the link between the recognizable architecture of the Fusion Park and international contemporary luxe design lifestyles all over the planet. In the third phase, the target audience was aware of partnerships with added value of social responsibility.

The brand’s distinct character was profiled in the media with passionate determination. It made the brand emotionally desirable to the target consumers. We isolated three key personality treats: Intelligent, Charismatic and World Class. Intelligent and Charismatic added a truly human and sensual dimension to the brand. Charismatic and World Class reflected the positive aspects of the business proposition and made an emotional connection with its Russian heritage.