Ido Garini

Ido Garini composes luscious food cravings for BNW, developing his own global creative consultancy business under the brand name "Studio Appétit"

Ido Garini, 35, has taken food design to a new level. With his Amsterdam studio Appétit, he revolutionized the food world and created multi-sensory experiences and impressive taste experiences. 

His favorite dish: chocolate. His favorite form of work: creative collaboration. Its characteristic: perfection. His self-diagnosis: “Creative ADHD”. It is this creative restlessness that Ido Garini does not let sit still.

He constantly has several projects in his luggage, kneads food stagings and multi-sensory experiences. Sometimes he sticks fruits under a glass bell, then he spears them on conical porcelain, which was specially developed for him.

And it’s always about participating, experiencing, enjoying. For the staging of food, Ido Garini is what Ferran Adrià was for the further development of classic haute cuisine: a game changer. And when the 35-year-old gives a lecture, like in 2014 in Belgrade at the BDW, he enchants the audience with a disarming mixture of enthusiasm and honesty. The expert in taste matters has a knack for change. For example with classic afternoon tea, an English tradition of the range of a world cultural heritage.

It is celebrated, classically in a good hotel, with sparkling wine, scones, clotted cream and cucumber sandwiches. Nobody lends a hand to such a tradition unless you want to burn yourself. Or has a daring good idea.

Globetrotter Ido Garini, who lived in New York City for a long time and now revolutionizes the world of food staging with his team from Amsterdam with Studio Appétit, had such an idea.

You could also say that everything was on the table with him - and then he deconstructed the ritual to make it even more delicious. With the multi-sensory collage ‘The Art of Afternoon Tea’ for the London Rosewood Hotels, Ido Garini opened a stage on which people and doings, pastries and palates merge in a multi-course performance. Glasses, cutlery and porcelain are no longer parts that fulfill any functions, they are partners of the production.

What is the next step? Ido Garini is in the process of fundamentally changing our concept of food and the presentation of food. With his multidisciplinary experimental design studio and his concept house in Amsterdam, he advises large companies worldwide.

The creative director wants nothing less than “to break the boundaries of the consumer experience and discover new ways to connect people with themselves, others and brands.”

What sounds so high is very simple: Garini finds ways to comprehensive sensual experiences. After all, there are only two activities in which people use all their senses: eating and sex.

His job as creator of experiences is to make brands holistically understandable and to recharge them: A good experience is one that includes sensory stimulation and triggers emotions. And then Ido Garini asks rhetorically: How can we do something in a completely different way than usual? “Something very simple: eating. You just have to take a bite. ”

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