Desanka Belancic

Desanka Belancic is a Digital Content Manager, responsible for our entire social media footprint, and the Belgrade Design Week Project.

Desanka Belancic was born in Belgrade where she graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade. After gaining experience as journalist, editor and TV presenter, Desanka joined BNW’s team. She had been responsible for media relations for Belgrade Design Week and Lamda development, presenting BDW in EU's project Human Cities – Challenging the City Scale. 

Milan Dragic

Team Content: Senior Graphic Designer and Art Director Milan Dragic

Tim Braithwaite

Team Content: BNW's Story Director Tim Braithwaite

Marija Tucakovic

Team Content: Senior Digital Designer Marija Tucakovic

Bojan Tancabelic

Team Content: 3D Designer and Animator Bojan Tancabelic