Tijana Masic

Tijana Masic is our keen New York- based branding and design strategist and project lead, turned fashion designer with her first own collection premiering in 2020 under the label ISTOK.

Tijana is BNW's Lead Project Manager since 2006, with ten years of experience in advertising and fashion in New York now. She managed projects for us from begin to completion with proven results through effective problem‐solving and account management skills, successfully combining creative thinking with a disciplined managing approach. Specialties: Branding (Brand Positioning, Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Development,); Advertising; Production; Project Management; Event Management; Client Service.

Since 2019 she devoting a serious part of her time to establish her own fashion brand, ISTOK, a New York City-based label founded by Tijana Masic and joined by Creative Director Lauren Shooster. Meaning “East” in Serbian, ISTOK is a response to the idea of modern utopia, to the individual and collective identity, and to style defined through character. Growing up in socialist Yugoslavia, Masic was fascinated by the utopian societies where uniforms were an indicator of one’s function and a strong symbol of belonging to something greater than the self.

Istok Is the New York Label Using Fashion to Build a Creative Community | Vogue

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