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BNW was commissioned to design and code the GenDream e-commerce website, which is the start-ups main global sales tool. Established in 2014, GenDream is a pharmaceutical start-up based in Switzerland. Built on many years of expertise, their mission is to deliver high-quality products to support the health and busy lifestyles of their customers. These core values are proudly embodied in their pledge to help you 'Live Your Dream'.

In order to maintain visual consistency between packaging and media representation, we used the same gradient style that is used in the bottle labels to separate horizontal sections on the website. A typical page is visually and graphically structured in a centered and symmetrical manner which corresponds to the structure of the packaging design.

Objective: Secure positive first impressions in website user experience and achieve a reassuring starting point for most user visits.

Goals: Reflect the brand’s vision and core values;  Reflect the brand’s personality and visual look and feel; Present a brief and essential content of the entire website; Attract and tease prospective users

The Search panel is a prominently placed shortcut, aimed at customers who prefer to look for suitable products by using keywords.

It is marked with the international magnifying glass symbol and with the microphone symbol for spoken messaging. This section is supported by a comprehensive glossary of words and expressions relevant to all GenDream products and their ingredients, benefits and situations. Keywords will trigger all relevant product options which will be displayed within the Shop section. Several copy options for the message inside the panel are explored.

Why is the search bar so prominently positioned on all our collections, nutritional ranges and product pages, throughout the website? Because our search function is something special: it plays the function of what one would say to the pharmacist and this is precisely why it carries the question “What do you dream of improving?” The search bar engine is optimised to recognise complete phrases such as “I want beautiful hair”, “I want to lose weight”, etc.

Product Single Page Objective: Present each GenDream product with all its attributes and detailed information, in a simple and efficient way to incentivise online and in-store sales.

Goals: Simply and clearly present all key product information; Efficiently cross-link the product with other products; Drive online and in-store sales.

About and Why page objective: To present detailed and relevant information about nutritional supplements in general as well as products, ingredients, benefits and modes of usage in a simple and efficient way in order to educate customers and win their trust in the brand.

Gendream News Feed Panel: The Panel consists of news feeds relating to news, tweets, curiosities, etc. It is functionally connected to GenDream nutritional supplements Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. social media accounts, and daily managed by the local digital agency.

The objective was to create a permanently changing and updated news section of the website, which gives the impression of being updated live in front of your eyes as a motivation trigger to visit and follow, and as live a tool for the digital agency to maintain permanent consumer contact and feedback. For these purposes, even live chat with consumers may be added. At the same time this visually attractive section allows us to fulfill the important function of presenting as many brand icon images as possible, in order to illustrate the section richly and further develop our brand storytelling. The constantly moving squares will feature all the most attractive images from our rich glossary of ingredients, benefits and situations, as well as images of target groups, brand ambassadors and brand mood board inspirations.

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