Davidoff Slims Cigarettes - Limited Fashion Edition by Luisa Beccaria

BNW researched the global trend of limited and special editions, primarily driven by a widespread feeling that our society has become so depersonalized. Inspired by this and based on our own design background, we created the Slim Line Limited Fashion Edition platform by Luisa Beccaria for Davidoff Cigarettes, successfully launched in all key global markets.

In collaboration with the famous Italian haute couture designer Luisa Beccaria, whose aesthetics perfectly correspond with the premium Davidoff ladies' world, BNW emphasized the brand's connection with fashion. The result of our work are the Davidoff Slims Cigarettes - Limited Fashion Edition by Luisa Beccaria, the first ever slim cigarettes styled by one of the leading global fashion designers, signed by her on packs and in communication.

The Milanese designer is a contemporary romantic whose artistic vision is drawn from an array of cultural experiences fused with vivid imagination. The result is a dreamy style at once glamorous, elegant and feminine. Soft, muted colors, luxurious fabrics, sensual shapes, inimitable details, combined with Luisa’s signature extravagant chic, give her pieces their sophisticated allure. Luisa’s clothes are worn by many celebrities including Lucy Liu, Halle Berry, Uma Thurman, Charlize Theron, Emilia Fox and Laura Bailey.

BNW's own pack design, using Lusia Beccaria's signatory patterns carefully researched from her materials archive, is underlining the slimness and the elegance of the pack. The colors do not correspond to Davidoff's traditional pack colors, but are changed accordingly to express the designer’s vision. The new narrative devolped by BNW supports the enhanced sensuality of the visuals and its focus on the pack slimness and elegance.

BNW developed the entire communication platform and design concept, and produced all worldwide ampaign artifacts, which was immediately picked up by all Davidoff key markets around the world.