Brand New World Milano 2015 @Dusan

BRAND NEW WORLD, produced by Vesna and Jovan Jelovac, forecasters of design future, showed “DESIGN 2.0” powered by LAUFEN, in what is arguably one of the most elegant showrooms in Milan - DUSAN. The exhibition was part of the Milan Fourisalone, from 14 - 19 April 2015.

Brand New World’s curator, Jovan Jelovac, said: “We are very excited to recreate the idea of a classical author’s salon at Dušan’s so fashionable showroom, with works and the spirit matching his own terribly high couture propositions. After all, the name is Saloni, not another Design Week, and the city is none less than Milano, so we are speaking of rarefied class, deeply rooted in both cutting edge avant-garde, as well as laser sharp craftsmanship. The location is smack in the middle of town, in one of the legendary Gio Ponti buildings, on the border of Brera and the new up- and coming San Gregorio area, which our friends from Wallpaper, Droog Design and Kvadrat, among others, have so beautifully opened for international design now. Congratulations!”

The topic of this exhibition is laying on the hand: The world has changed, and as we speak, the most exiting new stuff is being presented by a completely new wave of designers who are not only creatives, but in the same time makers, producers, entrepreneurs, distributors, representatives, own gallerists and PR people… BNW’s concept is bringing together key, fresh “Designers/ Makers/Entrepreneurs” rethinking the entire business and creative model, carefully handpicked en course of our world travels in 2014. united under one common denominator: THE PURSUE OF TRUE CLASS and exellence.

These new “Leading Creative Minds of the 21st Century”, (which is the official slogan of BNW since 10 years), are defining a truly BRAND NEW WORLD of design, that currently only a few of the best and most innovative of the established design producers can match. This situation was unthinkable of only a few years back. BNW wishes to celebrate those international masters of design at the Fourisaloni 2015 in Milan, by offering them and the audiences an innovative platform and framework those works deserve, borrowing from the best knowledge and curation practices we developed from ten past years of producing our ground breaking global conferences.

The Milan Design Week is the most important and renowned design event in the world; for already more than 50 years, this event announces the start of the new design year internationally. Every April, the official fair ‘Salone del Mobile’ and all associated events (with the over arching title ‘FuoriSalone’) occupy the center and reach out into the neighborhoods of Milan. And each year, a large, influential and professional audience heads to Milan to discover the newest designs, to scout fledgling talent, to obtain fruitful inspirations and to do business. Every year more than 300.000 visitors embark to visit the Milano Saloni and Fuorisaloni, of which over 150.000 visit the central Brera Design District.

Discover TOM STRALA’s profound exhibition “Materialized Intelli- gence”. The design pioneer from Zürich questions established values and nurtures new ones. Tom shows us that art does not need any complex problem solving. We need passion. We need desire. No well-tempered Everything and Nothing. We need intensity, and this cannot be found in a compromise.

Discover the fabulous design of DANTE - GOODS AND BADS, straight from the duo’s enchanted castle in Bavaria, who create objects, products and editions with qualities above and beyond the substantial: sparkling emotions, habits, memories, tastes, aversions, the good, the bad, never the ugly.

Explore ADRIEN ROVERO’s colourful objects inspired by highly inventive designs, as uncluttered as they are effective, and comprising a formal vocabulary built up out of assemblage, repurposing and shifting around shapes, materials, references and purposes, from Lausanne to the world.

Experience the dazzling Dutch STUDIO DRIFT’s site-specific installations and interactive sculptures, created by experimenting with existing and new relationships between nature, technology and mankind. Their oeuvre includes work that reacts directly to human behaviour, questioning it at the same time. 

Discover REINIER BOSCH and CAROLINA WILCKE’s unique combination of technology and philosophy. The duo from Amsterdam will share their design findings gathered from living among monks in the Himalayas, as well as developing an integrated façade concept, which gains energy through the newest organic solar cells – creating enough sustainable energy in cities to be (almost) energy neutral. 

The Dutch BURO BELÉN will introduce you to their subtle and unique design made from unbelievably rarefied materials. They invite you to investigate the almost forgotten intuitive, emotional and physical aspects of design, resulting in products and visions that show seemingly impossible applications of materials and colours, reevaluating conventional techniques.

And don’t miss ILAN GARIBI FOR GAL GAON COLLECTION– Garibi transforms the Japanese art of paper folding by using stainless steel in his collection for Tel Aviv’s hottest design enterprise - Talents Design. Invoking all the usual elements of origami save for one important factor – the paper – Garibi creates delicate architectural sculptures out of a single sheet of stainless steel.

Sample STUDIO APPETIT’s sensual delicacies...Through interactive research and culinary investigation, this Dutch avant-garde studio’s output is an exploration of our wildest and most extreme edible desires, not only creating new products, but a brand new world of ideas, methods, ideals and concepts.