Marfur, a high-quality faux fur fashion brand, commissioned BNW to create a new narrative, fashion and advertising campaign, in order to become a recognizable brand on the market. Driven by a dream about environmental conservation and positive ethical changes in the world, Belgradians Vesna and Tijana Marovic launched in 2015 Marfur, a handmade collection of fur coats, jackets and vests made of the highest quality French and Dutch faux fur. Faced with well known fashion brands offering natural fur in Serbia and mass-produced clothing made of faux fur that is losing quality, they decided to offer something new, quality, modern and environmentally sustainable.

An innovative combination of the narrative and the visual content contributes to improve the Marfur's originality and credibility. Campaign NOT IMPRESSED 2020/2021 is created for fashionistas characterized by fearless fashion sense. The collection was born from a desire to create modern, urban, sexy and ethical alternative to fur-produced fashion. In this collection, Marfur is reinventing the classic. The collection features fresh, urban fashion trend ready to wear for day and evening alike. The exclusive collection of faux fur coats, jackets and vests 2020/2021 is handcrafted in a small, family-run atelier and counts only 200 copies.

The visual identity of Marfur is communicated through means of developed brand tool-box: brochure, advertisements, promo-tools and a new online store. BNW created a brochure as a guide through the NOT IMPRESSED collection 2020/2021.