Gianluca Borgesi

Interview with Gianluca Borgesi, Zanotta IT

Gianluca Borgesi presented Zanotta's work at Belgrade Design Week 

Mini Studio Magazin, Serbia 2010

Have you always wanted to work in design industry?

When I started the faculty of Architecture at Milan’s Polytechnic I thought I would become an architect. Later during the course of my studies I had the chance to do a stage at Zanotta, one of the most important companies in the field of design furniture. There I discovered the design at its most and my passion for the industrial product grew, since from the esthetic point of view it has many analogies with an architectural work.

What’s the key of Zanotta’s successful design?

The key of Zanotta’s success lies in the company’s mission itself, that was defined by its founder Aurelio Zanotta in the Fifties, that is to say that a company may make profit and culture at the same time. To achieve this Zanotta has always focused and invested on research and experimentation, activities necessary for making innovation.

Your favorite project of Zanotta?

It is quite difficult choosing just one product, but if I have to I choose the Sacco armchair because it is an object I would never give up in my home.

Who are the people who buy Zanotta’s furniture?

The people buying Zanotta products are people who try to get the top quality as well as to furnish their homes with strong personality objects, object that in terms of expressive viewpoint create “difference” and “uniqueness”. The people buying Zanotta products do not like conformism and approval.

Have any famous people bought Zanotta’s furniture?

Famous people surely purchase our products but we do not like chasing this information in our communication and relying on “celebrities”. On the other hand we are very honored to learn and communicate when art or design museums from all over the world purchase Zanotta products for their permanent collections.

You are on the move all the time; your favorite destination is…?

Going to the mountains on the Swiss Alps.

How do you feel as a guest in Serbia and what is your opinion about our country?

I don’t know Serbia that much to judge it thoroughly. I stayed in Belgrade just a few days where I felt so much positive energy and I appreciated the friendliness and hospitality of the people.

What do you think about Serbian design, would you single out something that you particularly like?

I believe that Serbian design has huge margins in the near future for growing and developing. In my job I take care of visual communication and from this viewpoint it looks like Serbia is ahead and in its best examples there is no much difference with the creativity in the West European countries.

Where do you find inspiration for work, where do you fuel yourself with energy?

The inspirations should be taken everywhere: in any place and moment of your own life. I think that both in life and at work, there is always something to learn from any other person.

Your special corner in your home?

The bedside table. There I can leave things so disorderly and messy.

Favorite furniture?

As to the type, it is the sofa. It is more and more a multitasking product on which we spend much of our time at home.

What is your favorite wine?

I am very fond of wine and I like changing and drinking different wines coming from various regions, even not Italian. Among the white wines I appreciate a lot the Sauvignon del collio or the sparkling wines from Franciacorta; among my favorite red wines there is Nero d’Avola in this moment, that is produced in Sicily.

How do you see the future?

I am optimistic and always look so positively to the future. The future is an opportunity to improve themselves trying to make things better everyday. It is quite clear to everybody, especially in the more developed countries, that the next few years will be very important, with important decisions to take avoiding mistakes in order to pursue sustainable development. We absolutely must not delay on social and environmental issues because the quality of life for future generations is at a stake.

Do you read design magazines?

In the office I receive and read plenty of magazines coming from all over the world, above all about design but not only.

Where do you get news from?

Mainly from the Web. It is absolutely the best instrument for information and communication.

What do you think of the mini STUDIO magazine?

Mini Studio Magazine is a “fresh” magazine, graphically edited and with nice images. regretfully I cannot read the content because I do not know the Serbian language.

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