Belgrade Design Week 2007

The second Belgrade Design Week was held in the iconic Federal Palace (SIV building) from May 7 until 12, 2007. Three days of the most exciting world business and educational conference under the name “change²” gathered crème de la crème of the world branding, design, architecture, publishing, advertising and business. The lecturers explained why the world changed and how to be ready.

Over 50 exhibitions and events, premieres and presentations throughout the city of Belgrade were a must for every design lover planning their own future and the future of their clients. 

With international guest speakers from all walks of the design world, nowhere is better geared up to explore their thoughts and ideas and their application to Belgrade. BDW recognises the inherent economic potential of South Eastern Europe, and the benefits available to be gleaned from the experiences of the rest of the business world. "Change Squared" is a portal, a meeting of minds where the innovators and the visionaries of South Eastern Europe were invited to listen and to learn, to take notes, to imagine and to dream.

The highly coveted Belgrade Design Grand Prix, provided by vote of the conference delegates, was awarded to the amazing, inspiring princess of design - Patricia Urquiola.

Some of the most prominent contemporary thinkers, people who change the world of today and create the world of tomorrow gave lectures at the conference.

innovation² - (May 10, 2007) was dedicated to branding. The successful companies (Swarowski, Alessi, Gaia&Gino), as well as some popular tourist destinations (Istra, Spain), stand out from their competitors by being familiar with the most complex secrets of branding and were willing to share their knowledge with the audience. 

revolution² - (May 11, 2007) was dedicated to architecture and design. The powerful women who have shaken traditionally male disciplines such as design and architecture, from Winka Dubbeldam to Matali Crasset, Hella Jongerius and Patricia Urquiola, revealed to the audience what was so revolutionary about the “female creative principle”. 

evolution² - (May 12, 2007) in short, the greatest hits of this creative conference, intended for the curious minds bored with staying within only one occupation. It was difficult to single out the biggest star among the following: the cult magazine Frame, the architect Rem Koolhas, equally good at shopping and politics, the youngest and the most successful designer in the world, Ora Ito.