Brand New Salon

We’re passionate about researching the latest trends, accomplishments and extraordinary developments around the world / And seeing what learnings can be applied / The deeper we look, the further we see, the more we achieve for you

As part of the Brand New World Salon, we develop our non-profit projects like the Belgrade Design Week with equal passion and energy like high-end 21st century collectible design exhibitions in Zürich for our esteemed international clientele. We fight for urban reform and the rights of citizen for participatory urbanism as part of the Pan-european HUMAN CITIES/, publish the (so far) only city magazine in Zürich with the support from our partners from ZERO MILANO, and develop innovative, sustainable HIDEN hi-fi speakers that change the laws of physics.

The Brand New World Salon is our place for experimentation, never safe, never boring, never established.

In a Brand New way.

Jasper Morrison Jasper Morrison

LiZbon in Zürich Jasper Morrison

Amanda Levete

LiZbon in Zürich Amanda Levete

Miguel Vieira Baptista

LiZbon in Zürich Miguel Vieira Baptista

Manuel Amaral Netto

LiZbon in Zürich Manuel Amaral Netto

Claudia Moreira Salles

LiZbon in Zürich Claudia Moreira Salles

Jorge Carreira Jorge Carreira

LiZbon in Zürich Jorge Carreira

Geckeler Michels

LiZbon in Zürich Geckeler Michels

Fernando Brízio

LiZbon in Zürich Fernando Brízio

Eneida Tavares

LiZbon in Zürich Eneida Tavares