Roxanich Philosophy Collection

The Roxanich selection of 20 strictly organic wine labels, that ranges from crisp whites to honeysuckle rosés, to long aged and macerated whites, orange as well as deep, dark and rich reds, is too plentiful to be experienced at once. Celebrating the experimental styles the Roxanich brand is so famous for, Brand New World has divided the wines into three distinctive collections for easier coordination: PHILOSOPHY, SORELLE and FIRST ROSES.

For winemaker Mladen Rozanic, the challenge presented by Istrian reds lay in producing vintages that would improve over time. Mladen’s mission was to trace the quality and the origin of everything that goes into that wine, permitting him to have complete transparency about the materials and procedures leading us to this mythical food called wine. Mladen realized that time plays a significant role in all natural processes.