RACE-CAP Advertising Campaign

BNW conceptualized the advertising campaign for RACE-CAP, the first fintech brand on the global market communicating this, consequently erasing the industry standard border between financial and technology, between digital- and life- style, between payment /transaction functions and design, between innovative high-tech and ease of usage, between being smart and living better.

All RACE-CAP products and services are branded and connected as an integrated platform. RACE-CAP as corporation is always there as the top level narrative, regardless which single proposition, product or service within the ecosystem we speak about. BNW has a bold message to communicate to consumers: RACE-CAP is the future of today’s digital economy and always-on lifestyle. This message will only be clear – and the brand credible – if all aspects of product quality, marketing executions, distribution and pricing work in self-reinforcing harmony. The communication tone is closely related to and must correspond to the corporate essence of the brand, and the essence of the nutritional supplements offer. The slogan proposition is carefully generated in order to communicate the brand vision, benefit and core values. This slogan should feature on virtually all communication as signature or tag line - LIVE YOUR DREAM.