Shuvalovsky complex

Shuvalovsky complex is a big residential complex located in one of the most prestigious Moscow area, near the Lomonosov University. BNW had a task to present it to a saturated Moscow real estate market as one of the best choice for modern Russian family. BNW's engagement included activities such as business and brand strategy, market and trend research, naming, logo, visual identity, initial ATL and BTL communication solutions, brand presentation including all promotional materials and web design. All mentioned elements were presented in detailed brand guide, which was the final result of BNW's engagement.

All versions of the logo share a common ground, carry strong concepts and are strong symbols that support the scriptive font/text very well. Perhaps the logo C has more visually interesting solution that represents the crown symbol and the letter ”ш“. Whilst all the examples are shown above, it is clear to see which ones graphically stand out as the stronger solutions. The corporate signature might only appear in the corporate Black and corporate Gold CMYK color standard. 

Naming was inspired by the accomplishments of Ivan Shuvalov, the first Russian minister of education, founder of the first theatre, University and Academy of Arts in Moscow. BNW further used this to configure strategic idea formulated in positioning clam: KVATIRA S VIDOM NA BUDUSHCE – APPARTMENT OVERLOOKING THE FUTURE.

We have moved to new premises!

Brand New World Salon We have moved to new premises!

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Hidden Sound

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