Mir Detstva

Mir Detstva is a leading Russian baby and kids brand, with a wide range of different activities and services provided, from the production of baby and kids goods (cosmetic, food, clothes, toys, large size baby goods…) to publishing, media production, special education programs for preschool children, young talents developing programs... As the company was spreading its business and launching Mir Detstva centers, BNW was commissioned to create a total rebranding of the corporate universe.


We used bears, the symbol of Russia, as main motive. To instantly associate the brand with its new vision, we presented the whole family of bears – baby bear with mama bear and papa bear. In that way, romantic, Russian and family friendly values had been fully covered by our brand ID.

Moscow Institute of Contemporary Childhood expertise in education of parents and promotion of contemporary way of bringing up children in a modern world provided to institution high credibility and respect. We were engaged to create logo in order to clearly represent its noble mission.

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