The Swiss start-up 360moore offers bespoke high quality keynotes, experiences, events or workshops, individually or part of the 360moore program. creating a more positive, productive loyal and engaged workforce. BNW was commissioned to express their distinctive approach by designing a new identity from scratch, respecting the corporate environment in which they operate, but disrupting it with a seriously fashionable focus on contemporary colors, shapes and expressions.

We were inspired by the circle, as a fundamental shape of the natural world, representing unity, commitment, love and community. Circles have no beginning or end, they represent life and the lifecycle. Which is why developed it further to form the infinity sign, whcih in turn cretaed teh base of the entire moore identity.

High contrast colours helps cut through the visual “noise” we all interact with every day, and nods to the clarity of thought.

Two complementary typefaces convey all aspects of our adaptive nature.

The new visual identity of moore is communicated through posters, brochures, business cards; a wholistic new ID program, including a new narrativ and a new website.