RACE-CAP Identity

BNW was commissioned to completely brand all RACE-CAP's operations, as a blockchain start-up, including naming, narrative, identity and marketing. RACE-CAP Inc was founded by financial and blockchain industry pioneers, headquartered in New York, with operations in Zurich, London and Sweden, on a core set of values that put the user experience and global compliance first. RACE-CAP is a suite of mobile applications for regulated digital assets, optimized to operate on the company’s open network of high performance computing data centers.

RACE-CAP is combining the best from both worlds promised in its brand proposition: Distinctive SWISSNESS and an immediate LIFESTYLE association, leveraging a look and feel associated with high-end, car, fashion, and technology brands.

We believe the financial industry in future will look and feel like this. The RACE-CAP brandmark is based on the similarity between the shape and colour of our letter E from the RACE-CAP logo and the globally recognised Swiss flag. The brandmark also symbolises the unbreakable link in a blockchain.

The kind of simplified and sophisticated premium colour palette allows for bold forays into the world of design. This palette allows for flexible usage across a wide spectrum of graphics, objects, interiors, fashion, digital, print and electronic media. A bold colour palette such as this enables designers working with it to immediately establish comprehensive platforms. The primary colours are RACE-CAP RED/ Pantone 185C, RACE-CAP BLACK, RACE-CAP SILVER and RACE-CAP WHITE.

We chose two complementary typefaces to convey all aspects of our adaptive nature. 

The visual identity of RACE-CAP is communicated through all tools: brand books, proprietary logo and typography, promo-tools, new website and applications.

RACE-CAP is managed by a seasoned, professional, value-driven and highly committed international team from 10+ nations in six key global hubs. Their professional portraits and biographies are an integral part of the presentation of the company. We use black and white photography to portray the team in empty studio environments, against a clean and light background. The images need to be versatile in terms of composition and cropping to suit a variety of media (website, brochure, editorial, etc.).

This strategic foundation called for a new visual identity system. The design expression is based around a simple, yet powerful idea: using blocks, bits and grids derived from the perception of blockchain as the core asset. A Bit develops to a Block, a Block to a Grid, a Grid to a System. Carefully Designed for Freedom. Bringing Blockchain to Life.

RACE-CAP is bringing the freedom, speed, and security of blockchain-based money management to 99% of the world – not just the tech savvy 1% – giving everyone a chance to participate confidently and independently in the new global economy. By focussing on the user experience, RACE-CAP’s vision is become the “Apple of the payments industry” with a product that simply works. 

The entire RACE-CAP proposition is based firmly on technology: blockchain and high performance computing. This creates the foundation for everything RACE-CAP does. On top of the RACE-CAP tech, we layer a commitment to deep insights into our target audience’s lifestyle desires, putting the new digital generation first. 


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