RACE-CAP Brand Insight

BNW created RACE-CAP's brand books to take the audience step by step through all components that make up the RACE-CAP brand. The BRAND INSIGHT chapter is outlining the brand's strategic and creative propositions. It's a compendium of the brand's Key Assets - core marketing components that differentiate a brand most effectively. They are based on valuable insights into that brand and its vision.

The RACE-CAP Brand Stands On Four Unique Pillars: The entire RACE-CAP proposition is based firmly on TECHNOLOGY: BLOCKCHAIN and HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING.

This creates the foundation for everything we do. On top of our tech, we layer a commitment to deep insights into our target audience’s LIFESTYLE desires, putting THE NEW DIGITAL GENERATION first. 

Above that we build our unique business proposition: We choose SWITZERLAND as our global base and our international cultural model with strict regulatory compliance.

Here we develop a revenue model from our DATA CENTERS and SERVERS, that allows us to be independent from digital currency volatility and immediately profitable, answering the global demand for digital infrastructure. The crown of our brand universe is our DESIGN INNOVATION strategy which enables us to become “the Apple of the fintech world”.  

Key Assets assets are often interactive and should be leveraged for campaign development. The right Key Asset, delivered to the widest possible audience in the best combination of media, is one of the most powerful ways to build value for a brand.

RACE-CAP’s Key Assets are essential for the brand to live beyond its category.

RACE-CAP offers a truly global, consumer driven communication platform, with a 360-degree implementation strategy for an integrated digital, POS, PR, ATL and BTL campaign.

RACE-CAP has the vision, drive, and capability to become the world leader in digital currency apps and beyond, establishing a presence in multiple different markets.

It is therefore crucial to establish a tone of voice that’s authentic, resonant, and which can be adapted to different languages and cultural environments. Digital wallets are appearing everywhere, making it more crucial than ever that our tone of voice for RACE-CAP is clear, consistent, and distinct. We must ensure the language we speak across the marketing mix echoes our proposition, values, personality, and difference.

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