Fusion Cigarettes - Rebranding

Three years after the successful Fusion roll out in four global markets, BNW was invited to develop the next phase of the new brand's life: a slight rebranding exercise, with the addition of the new RED product line to the existing LIGHTS one and a new pack design.

The Fusion rebranding was conducted with the startegic idea to further develop the key characteristic that appealed so stronlgy to the consumers during the launch: the timelss elegance and design appeal. We married the slightly redesigned Fusion cigarettes packs with timless, historical design icons from the avant-garde period of design, such as the Alvar Aalto vase, to underline our newly developed narrative of Fusion being the "modern classic".

BNW diversified the naming of the two single products on offer: isntead of option for traditional tobacco industry indicators of strenght only, we introduced the color option of RED as name, and added it to the existing LIGHTS product with which we launched Fusion. Consumers loved this naming options - they gave them a clear and unmistakable indication about the differences in taste and experience they could expect, while retaining the overall stylishness of the new brand.


We have moved to new premises!

Brand New World Salon We have moved to new premises!

Hidden Sound by Dezeen, UK

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Hidden Sound

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