Davidoff Cigarettes - Titanium

BNW was invited by Imperial Tobacco to take a close look at new product propositions for the 21st century, replacing old flagship brands. Davidoff Magnum was slowly coming to an end in its life cycle as Davidoff Black & White was replacing it as the new super prestige product for the savvy metro-sexual consumer. Thus a free market space was created for a slightly different proposition, aimed at a slightly different clientele.

With ultra premium naming - TITANIUM - BNW presented a brand new proposition with numerous design innovations away from the classic premium line Davidoff Cigarettes octagonal pack, but still featuring original octagonal features kept as recognizable brand motive.

The packaging design options focus on the new stand alone potential with a new tobacco blend exclusively created for TITANIUM, as the new global SKU superstar in the Davidoff Cigarettes offer. As outstanding feature, the cigarette sticks are beautifully displayed and easy to reach and consume, in all pack versions in a truly premium way.

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