Davidoff Cigarettes - Premium Line Brand Storytelling

BNW was commissioned by Davidoff to create a completely new philosophy for its flagship product - the legendary octagonal Premium Line. We developed very simple yet important rules and principles to follow, to enable the Davidoff Premium Line brand to take its place among the great global premium brands in New Luxury.

The emergence of ‘New Luxury’ is a development which directly affected Davidoff Cigarettes. It was the result of the decision by many luxury brands worldwide to democratise and achive an unheard of before market share. These brands had chosen to become more accessible by setting premium, but not luxury offers and prices, while retaining all key luxury attributes and values. BNW helped Davidoff Cigarettes to become a player in this global development.

‘Passion with discernment’ is one ingredient that sets us apart from other brands. Another is the commitment to making sure that any communication or marketing activity we create should always reflect the Davidoff Cigarettes values of warmth, enticement, charisma. True class allied to contemporary luxe design. Davidoff Premium Line Cigarettes' brand identity is a potent tool. It allows us to flex the marketing muscle across diverse media and in many markets, whether dark or light.


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